Thursday, March 5, 2009


Updates you want stinking updates?
Well Fatman to my little boy needs to send me some vectors to start making shirts.
Fatman is slightly misleading these days he has dropped a lot we may have to call it Littleboy and Littleboy.
Once I get the vectors we are making a real short run of shirts, Triumph, Norton etc on front and the Motorworks logo on back, like old shop shirts.
Here is the deal first 5 guys that respond via email or comments will get one free I'll even post it for you unless you live in upper gakassistan or something.
Make sure let me know what size and Marquee right now we have Trumps, Norton, Beezer, and we could throw a Triton in the mix as well.
For those of you out in Washington, tomorrow night meet up at Harveys on 99, before we head to Cycle Barn Lynnwood to watch Daytona and have some BBQ.
Those of you close to Detroit don't forget Autorama this week and don't forget Lowbrow Customs will be down in the basement with the good shit.

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